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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Tech News: Dell-n-AMD and Sony Rootkit

There are a few news items of interest today.

Dell is now selling AMD processors
, but not yet selling computers using them. If you like I, own share of AMD this is good news. Although it is more symbolic than a material effect. I of course am waiting for Apple to announce that it will make systems using AMD processors along with Intel processors. It does make sense to have two competing vendors if for no other reason than price negotiations on volume orders. Of course I would like a 64-bit AMD powered Mac or iBook.

Sony is being sued on at least one front for its use of a windows root-kit for copy protection purposes. Coming on the heals of this lawsuit is news of viruses designed to take advantage of the Sony rootkit which could make the lawsuits turn real ugly. If someone is victimized because of a virus using the Sony rootkit then that should make Sony the equivalent of being an accomplice in breaking and entering.

I leave you with my favorite image of the day.

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