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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Front Row

Last week Apple introduced the video iPod, and something called Front Row. Because of months, if not years, of speculation that there would be a video iPod the press was all over that. I still haven't seen much about Front Row in the news.

The presentation of Front Row blew me away for a few reasons. First by the perfection of the user interface. Also by the potential for this to be the unification between the PC and the entertainment system people have been talking about for years. But lastly because in its current form Front Row is completely useless to me.

I am not about to trade in my 30+ inch TV's for 20 inch iMacs. I'm also not about to set an iMac in the living room just to be the hub of the entertainment center. For this product to appeal to people who don't live in dorm rooms, it needs to work on a Mac Mini with 5.1 audio out (or SPDIF digital out). Front Row could solidify Apple's consumer product dominance for years if it also could act as a Tivo, or MythTV type device. At that point a Mac Mini or something like it could replace my DVD Player, CD Player, VCR, Tivo, etc., and have an elegant interface to boot.

So let me say I am intrigued, but will wait for Front Row 2.0. Like minded people can sign the Front Row Petition.

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