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Monday, August 10, 2009

Migrating Subversion Repositories

I needed to migrate a small subversion repository from one machine to one in a more reliable location (a data center). After reading a few pages I realized that in practice this is pretty easy and here is the basic to do steps for performing the migration on unix systems.
  1. svnadmin dump repository | gzip > Repository.dump.gz
  2. Transfer file to new location if needed.
  3. Create the new repository:
    svnadmin create /path/to/repository
  4. gunzip -c Repository.dump.gz | svnadmin load /path/to/repository

Of interest is this note from the svn documentation.
If the migration process made your repository accessible at a different URL (e.g. moved to a different computer, or is being accessed via a different schema), then you'll probably want to tell your users to run svn switch --relocate on their existing working copies. See svn switch.

However for me it was easier to have the small group of developers just checkout new working directories.

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