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Friday, May 08, 2009


I recently had the time to listen to a number of back episodes of Futures in Biotech.

A few of them have to do with research on how to extend life expectancy; for example, the episode with Dr. Cynthia Kenyon. Dr. Kenyon's research seems to offer an explanation for why calorie restriction could extend life and slow aging. She is looking at genetics of aging.

An other interesting episode is the one with guest Aubrey de Grey speaking on the Thousand Year Lifespan. While de Gray's over all proposal sounds outrageous, his description of individual problems to be solved sounds quiet logical. I think it is definitely worth a listen.

On a different topic the interview with Michio Kaku, FiB 31, is very interesting for any real science nerd. Kaku is a co-founder of String Field Theory and discusses one of this books, Physics of the Impossible.

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