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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sci-Fi and Real Science Collide - Cybermen

I enjoy reading about new scientific discoveries. These days it seems like the science facts are colliding with science fiction. For example, read this article about "cybernetics" in Forbes.

"Eager scientists in the field say it's inevitable that we will one day be able to transmit thoughts to one another as electrical signals, bringing a new level of meaning to 'collective consciousness.'"

The article is mostly about the work of Kevin Warwick. Read these links and see if it reminds you of this Cybermen episode of the new Dr. Who series on BBC.

This research can have fantastic benefits for people suffering from a wide range of conditions and perhaps limb loss. However reading about how the research is performed could lead to nightmares or at least the plots of a few sci-fi horror movies! "Attack of the Cyber-Robot-Rats" anyone?

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