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Friday, September 16, 2005

Intel Vs. AMD for Apple

Thanks to MacCentral, Yahoo has an article about Apple picking Intel over AMD. It is an interesting read, but I disagree with it on one point. This article fails to mention that due to its success in recent years AMD has been unable to produce enough chips to meet demand. I think this weighed more on Jobs' mind than laptop processors. AMD CPUs generally have had lower power requirements than comparable Intel chips. But it could be that Intel is doing more in the extreme low power end of the market than AMD.

In other news there is also an article on the slowing of Moore's Law. Which has a quote that ties into the discussion above.
One way to innovate differently is to make chips more energy efficient, which is crucial for the fast-growing segment of mobile electronics devices such as mobile computers. Of the three P's -- power, performance and price -- power becomes more important.

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