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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Grass Power

Due to the Katrina induced spike in fossil fuel prices people are turning to bio-products to try to cut energy costs. Some people are proposing the burning of a certain grass in coal fired power plants as a renewable resource and to "cut" CO2 emissions. While I doubt this process is truly carbon dioxide neutral as the proponents claim, it might be close.

While this is the first I have heard of burning a grass for fuel. Bio-fuel products have been around for a while, of course they are seeing a rise in demand.

If you are looking to make money on this interest in Green Power, check out the PBW fund. I like its long term prospects, but personally I think the recent run up in price will retreat when gas prices are no longer making head lines. I don't own any of this fund, but I plan to watch it now that I know about it.

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