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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Headphone Use

Pete Townshend is warning people about the use of headphones. There has been a little coverage of the effects of using bud styled headphones in the news. But the real problem is the volume; Pete hurt his ears using studio headphones.

In college I had a room mate who was trying out some nice head phones ($200+ in 1990). He rejected some headphones because they would have distortion when he "turned them up". I wonder how his hearing is these days. I can't imagine wanting to listen to headphones loud enough to overload the earphones. You might not notice it at first but you are overloading your ears long before the headphones will give up.

So just a warning from Pete and myself to you. When listening to your iPod on the go, keep the volume down, and don't try to drown out outside loud noises.

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